Jackpots in “Russian lotto” fake. I can prove it without complicated mathematics – reviews about the lottery "Russian Lotto" – the chair

Two principles of drawing a jackpot in Russian Lotto


It is important to understand, that the total amount of money distributed (all, what goes to the prize fund + jackpot) always makes 50% from fees. I.e, the more money goes to the jackpot, the less remains for regular winnings

Moreover, organizers do not notify players now, what amount, based on the results of each draw, goes to the jackpot. Previously, this information was open and published in circulation tables. Currently, the jackpot size appears only in advertising.

If desired, sure, can be calculated, how much goes to the jackpot each time. for example, in circulation № 1194 from the total prize pool, which made 71,9 million rubles, third part or 22 million, was withdrawn for these purposes. Or, to put it another way: in the same draw for the payment of prizes went ~ 35% from proceeds, ~ 15% went to the jackpot, 45% went to the organizer and 5% the state.

Considering, that in the lottery "Russian Lotto" the vast majority of the prize fund is spent on small amounts, significant decrease (to accumulate the next jackpot) greatly reduces the opportunities for an interesting distribution of prizes. In the end, only one person gets the super prize, yes and that, every few years. And most of the other winners get ridiculous 110-150 rubles.

506 million, which an unknown lucky man won in draw # 1204 is more like an advertising campaign for the lottery itself. But, not very successful: since the organizers do not seek to prove, that big winners are real (and not only in the messages of the press service) then another record win on the contrary, makes people doubt, that the rally itself was fair, and a lot of money went to a random person.

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