Unattainable Housing Dream

Unattainable Housing Dream

Lottery rules

The ticket has one playing field, the drawing takes place in several rounds. Winning occurs if the numbers of the playing field are located in a certain way (corners, cross) with numbers drawn during the drawing

1-th Tour ("Corners")

Winning tickets in the first round, in which 4 the number of the playing field located in the corners of the square (the method is shown in the figure 1 - "Corners") coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing up to 28 stroke inclusive. Winning tickets will participate in the further drawing

2-th Tour ("Intersection")

Tickets won in the second round, in which 8 numbers, located crosswise (the method is shown in the picture 2 - "Crossing") match the numbers, dropped out during the rally before 38 stroke inclusive. Tickets that win this round are also eligible for a further draw.

Examples of winning combinations (figures) in the bingo lottery 75


Grand Prize (jackpot) win tickets, in which on 46 go or before all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with the numbers before others, dropped out in the course of the drawing. On the ticket of the 1st draw there is an inscription - jackpot from 10 000 000 rubles. But, not specified anywhere, what is the guaranteed size of the super prize.

3-th Tour ("Card - 55")

In the third round, tickets are won, in which all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with those dropped out during the drawing, after the last move of the Jackpot category up to and including the 55th move. Winning tickets do not participate in the "Last move" draw

Last move ("Card")

Last round wins tickets, in which all 24 the numbers of the playing field will coincide with the numbers dropped out during the drawing from the 56th to the 72nd move inclusive.

Unattainable dream

The image of a luxurious three-room apartment (as well as a large country house, helicopter or yacht) good as an advertising bait to stimulate sales, but few of the potential applicants think about, how much does it cost to own such real estate.

The very first, what can prevent you from becoming the owner of a luxury home is a tax on winnings. Winner, deciding to take a dream apartment will have to pay 13% of its cost. At the same time, he will have to do this on his own., since there is not a word about the, that the organizer will bear these costs.

The monetary equivalent of the offered apartment - 33 000 000 rubles. Income tax on this amount will be 4 290 000. With that kind of money, you can buy another apartment ... Of course, not so luxurious, but (if we consider Moscow) options are still available. Here, let's say, example inexpensive, studio apartment:

An example of inexpensive apartments in Moscow., offered in the Rumyantsevo metro area

Not a bad option, true? And from the metro station Rumyantsevo (located outside Moscow) near ))

But, let's say the lottery winner does not have problems with income tax . Maybe eat extra 4-5 million in stash, maybe take a loan, or friends will help ... What will he face if he still keeps his dream apartment?

Ownership cost

Luxury property is a source of fixed costs. In this case, you need to pay utility bills (which will be noticeably higher, than in an ordinary apartment!) and real estate tax. It is unlikely that anyone who wants to win a dream apartment knows, what would be the cost of owning such property.

However, compared to some other countries, you can afford luxury housing in Russia, even without funds to service it. It's harder abroad, there owning property is costly in itself.

A typical example of, that people are willing to participate in lotteries, offering luxury accommodation as prizes, but not ready to live in a won house, was given in our article "Dream House, sold for next to nothing. All winners of this lottery (nine in a row!) sold their houses as soon as they got the rights to it. And they did it in great haste and losing a significant share of the cost. Just because, that only rich people can afford to own such property.

true, it is not for nothing that the monetary value is indicated in the campaign announced by Stoloto - instead of an apartment, you can immediately take money. Net of income tax, of course. But, is it possible in principle to win this very apartment?

Preparation for the drawing of the New Year's billion

18 October, on the website of Stoloto, boring at first glance news was published "Information about the change in the principle of drawing the Jackpot of the" Russian Lotto "

Dear participants, that since the 1255th draw of the VGL 4 Sports » (winnings determination algorithm No. 3 ("Russian Lotto")), which will be broadcast 28 October, the principle of drawing a prize in the "Jackpot" category will be changed. The new principle is as follows: in the "Jackpot" category win tickets, in which, on the fifteenth move, all fifteen numbers of one of the two playing fields of the ticket (top or bottom) match the barrel numbers, removed from the bag.

26 октября ее дополнили новой подробностью — В некоторых билетах «Русского лото» на тиражи № 1255 and No. 1264 information on the principle of the "Jackpot" drawing may be encountered.

This is how the transition from one principle of drawing to another occurred., prohibitive.

One more news, which (unlike previous) was announced as loudly as possible, became published 22 October Stoloto's announcement of the upcoming New Year's raffle of a billion. In circulation № 1264 the minimum guaranteed size of the prize fund in the "Jackpot" category is announced at 1 billion. rubles

Details of the New Year's drawing 2019, screen site Chair

At the same time, it is separately emphasized, what 1 a billion rubles will definitely be drawn, and if no one hits the jackpot in the New Year's edition, then the winner of the second round can get it.

1xgames jackpot: detailed information

Who hasn't dreamed of hitting the jackpot someday? It's perfect: nothing to do, just hope for luck, and you can win so much money, which is enough for many expensive purchases, which can be difficult to afford. In just a second, a large amount becomes the property of the player. But in the usual lotteries, such a win is almost impossible., but with bookmakers the chances of winning a prize increase significantly, because a big prize is drawn every hour. Game rules 1xgames jackpot - in our material.

1xgames jackpot: how to take part in the drawing

For sure, the offer of a popular playground will interest anyone: 1xgames jackpot is a real treasure trove, which you don't even need to look for. You just need to pick up and enjoy the win. Explaining, how to do it:

  1. Register on the 1xgames website. If you still do not have a game account on this site, get him. The whole registration process takes a few minutes, and our 1xgames promo code - 1xg_380 - will give you up to 6500 RUB first deposit bonus.
  2. Play. Actually, this is the main task of the player to get the jackpot. Place your bets on slots, enjoy a great time - and you automatically become a participant in the jackpot drawing.
  3. Be an active player. 1xgames jackpot is a super prize, which goes only to active users of the site. The more you play, the more chances of becoming a winner.

The jackpot is drawn at different intervals: every hour, daily, weekly and monthly. Depending on the frequency of the draw, the prize fund increases. In each of the draws - 15 winners, between which the entire amount is distributed equally.

How the 1xgames jackpot amount is formed

clear, that money doesn't come from nowhere. The same rule applies to the 1xgames jackpot. In this case, the site users themselves influence the prize pool., and so, How does this happen:

  • From every bet, made by users of the site, a small percentage is deducted, which forms the prize pool (what percentage exactly - the bookmaker does not report).
  • All deductions are summed up, and the jackpot amount follows from them.
  • Once the rally is over, the amount is reset. That is, the prize fund of the hourly drawing is formed within an hour, weekly - during the week and so on. Therefore, the numbers for each prize level vary significantly..

If the player is on the list 15 lucky ones, who won the jackpot, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen.

1xgames jackpot: regulations, to remember

Participation in the jackpot drawing does not require additional registrations from the player, signatures, agreements and so on. However, the organizer nevertheless set several conditions, and you have to put up with them.

The rules of the 1xgames jackpot game sound like this:

  • Only active players participate in the drawing. Depending on the time span, specified in the drawing, users are selected, between which the jackpot will be split. I.e, if you have made bids in the last hour (day, week, month), your participation counts.
  • Only real money is involved. If the player made bets exclusively on bonus funds, then he will not be allowed to draw the jackpot.
  • One person - one account. Standard condition for bonus offers of all bookmakers. Sure, registering multiple accounts will increase the chances of winning the game, but, if the truth comes out (and sooner or later it will definitely happen), the bookmaker will freeze duplicate profiles, and the player will not be able to withdraw money from the account.

All time readings are based on Moscow time.

More texts about the secrets of bookmakers - daily on our website. Learn a lot about bookmakers, and this information will definitely lead you to success.

What will happen next

Meanwhile, the most interesting starts next. Perhaps this situation was not predicted., nevertheless it raises some questions.

Will there be a winner, winner 100 million?

Just the other day we were shown a man, winner 506 million. В том чтобы предъявлять победителя заинтересован сам организатор лотерей — с одной стороны это повышает доверие, and on the other - great advertising, good for sales. Until now, Stoloto has hidden its big winners. If it is decided to show everyone now, then this is welcome, все-таки шаг к большей открытости. But. Will there be a winner,winner 100 million?

If the organizer doesn't show it, then the majority will decide, what is this divorce, enticing ad with no real winner. This is the first moment

Second: will the money be paid on time? Or, a repetition of the situation like Mikhail Larukov's is possible? clear, that although only two draws have passed, but the organizer managed to make the maximum deductions to the jackpot. Nevertheless, still almost 16 million rubles, которые нужно добавить. Will everything end up 100 million, paid on time?

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