What can be done, for the player to win the jackpot in the online casino?

The largest lottery winnings in russia: list and interesting facts

1xgames jackpot

As stated earlier, 1xgames jackpot is formed within a certain time (one hour, one day, one week and one month). For each time interval, only 15 winners. Simply put, a day is played out 24 jackpot, in Week - 97 (96 for every hour and one week) etc. The size of the jackpot is estimated depending on the amount of bets, made by users during the game. A percentage of each bet is paid into the prize pool, from which the 1xgames jackpot is formed.

For each jackpot (sentry, daytime, weekly and monthly) a certain amount of the prize fund is set. After summing up, winnings are distributed among all winners. No investment is required from you to participate in the drawing. In case of victory, at the end of the drawing of one of the jackpots, you will receive a notification in your account. All winners are selected at random.

How to participate in the 1xgames jackpot draw?

To participate in the 1xgames jackpot draw, you need to have your own game account on the 1xgames website. If you have not yet had a chance to become a part of the 1xgames community of gamers, then we will gladly offer you our special promo code 1xg_377, with which you will receive a first deposit bonus. Encouragement, which gives the 1xgames promo code, on 30% exceeds the standard bonus, which is provided when registering a new account. With him you have a chance to get 6500 bonus money to the gaming account.

The bookmaker reserves the right to withdraw this offer or change the conditions of the promotion at any time without notice or explanation.. All decisions of the company will be considered final and binding in all matters, related to this proposal.

Only one IP address and one account can participate in the draw, that is, trying to cheat and take part in the same drawing from another account will not work.

How to play, to win 1xgames jackpot?

Make a bet, the size of which must be at least 10 rubles, and its maximum value should not exceed 25.000 rubles. The draw includes bets, made for any games 1xgames.

Remember, that when determining the winners, only those bets take part, which were made with real money

Money, prisoners for bonus funds, not taken into account

1xgames jackpot is an additional motivation to make bets in 1xgames as often as possible. A chance to break the bank, playing games on the 1xgames website, every user has, if you regularly visit the section with games and follow the conditions for bets. Be sure to believe in your luck, and one day she will smile at you!

What is 1xgames jackpot? 1xgames jackpot is an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly drawing of a large sum of money among players.

What is the size of the 1xgames jackpot? The size of the 1xgames jackpot varies depending on, for what time period was it formed. At the moment, the maximum winnings can be 13.414.914 rubles.

What other factors affect the value of the 1xgames jackpot? 1xgames jackpot is formed based on the size of the bets, committed by the player for a certain period of time. Percentage of rates deducted to the prize fund.

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