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Looking for an answer to a question: "Are there fair lotteries?»One truth should be understood - honesty is the prerogative of the organizer, not the game itself. If the founder is not clean on hand, then it's stupid to even dream of transparent rules and the process of the game.

When the founder is not the first day on the gambling market, then you can find out about his reputation very simply. It is enough to look at the reviews of the players and read the comments on the thematic forums. Conscience in this case acts as an optimal guarantee.

This is due to the, that the draw games are very cleverly arranged. It's very easy for the founder to manipulate the results., and the temptation to get all the money, coming from naive players, big enough.

Here the question immediately arises as to whether, how to get information about the lottery organizers.

The whole difficulty is, that it is not possible to obtain such information. Firstly, founders can be a whole group, and they can change. Secondly, such information is not disclosed.

In drawing lotteries, you should rely only on the experience of other players and your personal observations..

This does not mean at all, that all drawn lottery games are fraudulent and not profitable. Just the opposite. Lotteries can give you a chance to win big. The main thing is to give preference to a game with a long history and a positive reputation among participants from all over the world.

We found one lottery, the honesty of which even we do not have to doubt. This is El Gordo. The reasons for the confidence, that the lottery is fair and reliable.

  1. The history of the lottery game includes 203 of the year.
  2. In the total mass of tickets in this lottery, there are always winning.
  3. Real Winners Stories.

One of these stories happened in a pub in Barcelona. The owner of the cafe gave visitors El Gordo with a ticket. What motives did he have, remains a mystery, but the result amazed the world community. In total, the clients of this bar won more 180 000 000 euros. Interesting then, that newly minted millionaires were below the poverty line before going to the pub.

  1. Debt. El Gordo has a number of debt obligations. To pay prizes to the winners, the game organizers were forced to resort to partial privatization of the lottery. Now part of the lottery belongs to the government. For players, this is another plus, because there are additional guarantees.
  2. Constant updates. El Gordo lottery is constantly transforming to create more comfortable conditions for players. So, eg, rule about, that you can only collect your winnings through 9 days, has been replaced by the rule, according to which the term for receiving the prize is reduced to 1 days.

All these facts point to the honesty and reliability of the El Gordo lottery..

European Official Lottery

Luckily for us, the scammer published a user agreement on the site. In such documents, there are often moments, talking about the dubiousness of the project. We see here its creator writes: “After completing all necessary payments, You will receive informational introductory material for further independent work on the Internet without technical and any other support from the administration of this Site ". It's about, that the site is trading information, and does not play pranks.

The winning sum for all checks is exactly
22 700 dollars. We believe in our luck, but everything should have
limits! And chat messages from people, who have just won others
large sums, show the absurdity of the situation. No real lottery
will give such a great chance of winning.

The crook thinks, that the European official lottery MegaLoto
dust your brains and turn off all caution. Never forget about her!. How the MegaLoto scam lures money from users:

How the MegaLoto scam lures money from users:

  • After the drawing on the internal balance
    every time it turns out 22 700 dollars, what already says about cheating;
  • They offer to choose a way to receive money. it
    transfer to a card or in cash at the bank's cash desk;
  • Instead of the card number, we write "This is Deception". System
    did not notice the error;
  • We order the payment of finance;
  • Requires payment of a duty in the amount of 19 dollars
    or 1308 rubles. Pay nothing!

The creator of the MegaLoto divorce repeats the scheme of many other dishonest projects. Only crooks have a requirement to pay for something before withdrawing money. be careful.

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