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How to participate in the RedLoto lottery?

Transfer funds even from your mobile phone balance. Enrollments are automatic, money comes instantly. Draws are held every day in 12:00. The site displays the time in the "Play" section. There are also tickets, which need to buy:

It's simple, click on the ticket, it is bought immediately. When buying a ticket for 30 rubles, maximum win 50 rubles, the second ticket has the maximum winning 100 rubles, the most expensive ticket 200 rubles. By purchasing a ticket, it is displayed in the side block, the current prize fund is also shown there:

Now it only remains to wait, when the drawing will take place and see the results. The money won is automatically credited to the balance, you don't need to do anything yourself. You go to your personal account and see, what tickets won, how big is the win:

Withdrawal from the site is carried out through Payeer, total commission is charged 1%, and the minimum amount 30 rubles. Manual payments, transfer money within 3 days.

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