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Free lotteries ⋆ make money on the Internet without investments

Lotteries on the Internet without attachments, where does the money come from

Hello, friends! Today, we will learn about another method of making a profit on the Internet - free lotteries on the Internet. You know, that there are such types of lotteries on the Web, like a casino, where you need to invest a certain amount of money. But, not every person can do this, because there is a risk of losing money.

So here, the creators of gambling establishments have found the best solution and now you can play free lotteries and earn, without investing a single ruble. Where do these sites come from?? You ask, because there is no financial investment. All their earnings depend on advertising., which is posted on the home page. Usually such advertising, can be seen as blocks, it is on both sides of the lottery site. Users, who click on this ad is a source of profit for the lottery creators.

It is beneficial for the creators of these lotteries to have more traffic so, how their earnings depend on it, because users will click on the advertisements posted on the site, and the creators make money on these transitions. so, where you can win real money? If this question is still relevant for you, then go to the next section of the article.

Contests, jackpot, referral system

Online lottery RedLoto is interesting not only for its simplicity and frequency of winnings. The site has a weekly jackpot (on Sundays). At the beginning of the article it was said, what 80% money is played between the participants, and so 10% of the cost of each ticket goes to the jackpot. Every ticket participates in the jackpot draw, bought in the last week. The winner is randomly determined, to which the entire amount is charged (draw also in 12:00). The remaining 20% the administration does not take away completely, 6% goes to the service of the referral system and 4% for charity, so the administration is content with 10 %.

To get more chances of hitting the jackpot without replenishing the balance for large amounts, use the affiliate program. She is 2-level here, the referrer is credited with a percentage of both the winnings and the referral's earnings. From the first line comes 5%, from the second line 1%. Plus to everything, inviting new participants allows you to participate in the competition:

Additional money is raffled off between active partners. A similar competition is held among those, who has won or made the most money in the lottery. While the prizes are small, since the site has just started working:

Anyway, all this needs to be considered, it's real money. You can also use them to buy tickets and try to increase any amount. Read RedLoto Reviews, you will understand, that this is a high-quality project and many people take part in the Internet lottery.

Cash draws often attract the attention of users, but not everyone honestly distributes the money received between the participants. I have already started buying tickets, I do it every day and stay in the black

You don't have to invest a lot of money here, and risking "fifty dollars" is not scary. By the way, in terms of the distribution of the prize fund, this lottery is very similar to the mutual aid fund, since judging by the statistics of winnings, and this is a little more 84%, every second person can make money here!

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