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Double chance to win the Brazilian lottery - Dupla Sena

Many players are puzzled over that, which lottery has the best odds, and this idea sometimes just drives you crazy. Different lottery games offer a bunch of different numbers, bonus balls and prize distribution structures. Brazilian game Dupla Sena goes one step ahead of analog lotteries. This weekly lottery is actually giving players a chance to play twice on the same lottery ticket!

The lottery jackpot does not grow to such values, as, let's say, в US Powerball, but that's part of his charm. Every Tuesday and Friday the lottery draws. Game participants can play two times, using the same lottery ticket.

Tips and tricks for playing Quina

as you can see, the odds of winning Quina are not quite right, what did you imagine initially. If you decide to play with a large set of numbers, You will quickly increase your chances of success. Better pick a game, where the bigger jackpot has accumulated. This is the case, when a little more spending on your ticket makes sense.

Keep in mind, that Quina will organize a special raffle 24 June every year. Quina de Sao Joao usually has much more spectacular jackpots, than regular pranks, and this is another opportunity, which is worth the wait.

Lottery Name Maximum Jackpot
Pick 6 $35 Million
Powerball Australia $58,737,207.41
SuperLotto $120 Million
Euro Jackpot 90 million EUR
Euromillions GBP 167 million

How to play Quina?

In the past, Quina was only available to residents of Brazil. Today, online lottery agents allow people from all over the world to try Brazilian games. All, what depends on you - to be at least 18 years and subscribe to one of the various online services, which have tickets for Quina.

It's easy to play the lottery - just pick five numbers from 80 available. Correct combination of three, four or five numbers will bring you a reward. You can also play using the system, which has up to seven numbers and increases the chances of winning.

Players can either choose their own lucky numbers, or let the system randomly choose for them.

The most active players can opt for a subscription option or a multi-ticket purchase option. Thus, the same numbers will be presented for each draw, and players will be able to follow, so they don't miss any opportunity to win an award.

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Winnings in Brazil Dupla Sena

Lottery prizes are paid out from 46% from all the money, collected in ticket sales. The distribution of funds is made for two games in this way: 30% / 15% / 10% -for the first draw and 20% / 15% / 20% - for the second. This percentage applies to players, who guessed 4, 5 or 6 winning combination numbers. Winning the jackpot, don't relax. Hollow Seine winnings are taxed at 13,8%, as required by Brazilian federal tax law. This applies as citizens of the country, and foreign residents.

Dupla Sena is open to everyone, who has already turned 18 years old. The lottery allows the participation of citizens of different countries and is internationally.

6 rooms 1 of 15 890 700

5 rooms 1 of 60 192

4 numbers 1 of 1,120

What is Dupla Sena Lottery?

Dupla Sena is operated by Caixa, which is a bank. Thanks to the success of Mega Sena - the biggest game in Brazil, it was decided to create this game with a double draw in 2001 year. Actual percentage of funds, payable, controlled by the Ministry of Sports. Why is that, you ask? 33% proceeds from ticket sales go to government organizations, primarily sports. Winners are eligible for 90 days to pick up your prizes, and any unclaimed money goes straight to the Student Fund for Higher Education.

Support service

There are several options for contacting Dupla Sena, though keep in mind, if you prefer to contact by phone, their main language is Portuguese. There is a lottery game email address, which allows you to contact the game representative. If you are playing through one of the major lottery officials and have some questions, it is best to contact the lottery representatives immediately.

Features of cash prizes in the Duple Seine

The Dupla Sena lottery is of Brazilian origin. therefore, when receiving a prize, be prepared to, that the amounts will change. Brazilian dollar real exchange rate is 0, 44 US dollars.


  • Tax is paid;
  • Brazil Real exchange rate / US Dollar;

  • Prize levels.

Brazilian Hollow Sena has quite large cash winnings. The actual amounts in winning tickets are doubled, than in other lotteries, offered on a weekly basis. Although there are only three prize tiers in each of the draws, your lottery tickets get the chance to win a big jackpot.

Lottery Name Maximum Jackpot
Mega Millions $656 million
FranceLotto €24 million
Euromillions GBP 167 million
Uk National Lottery EUR167 million
Fat 18 million EUR

Prize levels, winning distributions and odds

Now, when the rules became clear, let's take a look at the odds and prizes, which the luckiest players can pick up. Each game starts with a jackpot in 500 000 reals. If there is no winner, the amount will go to the next stage. There is no limit to the maximum jackpot, which means, that Quina can organize a fairly profitable game by accumulating more. The largest jackpot to date has been won at 2010 year and exceeded 3,9 million. US dollars.

From the sum, constituting lottery prizes, 35 percent go to the jackpot, 25 percent are for those, who guessed four numbers and 25 percent for those, who guessed three numbers from the drawing. And if it gets you thinking, part of the money, spent on tickets, will be spent on such purposes, how education, sports development and health care.

Number of matching odds

5 numbers = 1:24,040,016

4 numbers = 1:64,106

3 Numbers = 1 :866

The amount of reward will depend entirely on the drawing and accumulation. In the absence of a new owner of the jackpot, people, who will receive the prizes of the second round, will receive a much larger reward. Chances of winning the second "division" prize (four correct numbers) Is one to 64 106. The odds of having three correct numbers and winning the third division prize are one to 866.

Playing Quina using six or seven numbers greatly increases your chances of winning. They, who play with six numbers, have a chance to pick up the jackpot 1: 4 006 669 (compared with 1: 24 040 016 for the game with five numbers). Playing with a maximum of seven numbers increases the odds by one to 1 114 762. The cost of playing with the system, consisting of six numbers, is four dollars, and the maximum sum of seven numbers will cost you 10 dollars.

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