Free lottery ticket

Where to buy a lottery ticket in Russia - how to buy stoloto lottery tickets

How to buy a ticket online?

According to statistics in 2020 r. half of state lotteries are paid online. The rules for playing lotto over the Internet are the same, as with a paper ticket. And even better: an electronic ticket, unlike a regular ticket, cannot be lost. Buying a lottery ticket is even simpler, than registration. The main page of contains banners of all organized lotteries. After clicking on a banner, pictures of randomly generated tickets will open. If you don't like dialing, you can create new tickets or start setting numbers manually. You can click on several tickets - the amount to be paid will be calculated automatically. Need to mark, that further difficulties may begin: the interface of the site is not very user-friendly. for example, may be a mystery, how to add tickets of other lotteries to a purchase.

This requires:

  • "Add to cart" current tickets - button "Cart";
  • go to the main page of the site, clicking on the "Table" logo;
  • go to the selection of tickets of another lottery by adding them to the "basket";
  • go to payment by clicking the invisible "tickets" button on the left side of the screen.

As a result of these actions, a list of all selected purchases will open.

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