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Where to buy a Lotto Austria ticket?

Participation in foreign lotteries on official websites is not available to residents of Russia. But this opportunity is provided to them by intermediary sites., who buy lottery players from other countries and send them ticket scans.

Lotto Agent is considered one of the most reliable dealers. Users are attracted by a large selection of lotteries. Here you can take part in the most popular draws in the world, including SuperEnalotto, MegaMillions, Oz Lotto, SuperEnalotto, и PowerBall. You can play from anywhere in the world. The only condition is that you must have 18 years old.

The service is distinguished by reasonable prices and quick withdrawal of winnings.

Why virtual lottery is better

Lotto online has become widespread and popular around the world for a reason.. Millions of users have already understood by their own example, that the virtual game has some special advantages, eg:

  • remoteness from special establishments, noisy area, other people's views and advice;
  • the ability to bet at any time, including, in transport, on a rest, and other remote locations;
  • the right to buy a ticket or indicate numbers at any time of the day;
  • increased safety and comfort (you can play lotto online without real tickets, which are easily lost or destroyed);
  • automatic number verification system - the gamer will never miss a win, even if you forgot about it at all, that I bought a ticket and is waiting for the results to be announced. In the most negative scenario, the list of guessed numbers and the fact of victory will be sent by e-mail;
  • extended range of financial services (in the field of withdrawal of funds);
  • instant results for special types of entertainment.

One of the most attractive bonuses of playing lotto online is the opportunity to take part in games in many countries of the world. Thus, the user can win multi-million dollar prize pools, which are not in similar domestic games.

What to do, to win

If the online lottery is a game, then for sure there are already a number of ways, which help users make better bets. It would be logical, if the rules of the game provided for at least some logical component. But she's not there, therefore, each user can create their own method of obtaining a win.

Game strategies

Despite, that there is no one hundred percent way to win, hundreds of gamers follow popular strategies, eg:

Psychological - evenly point to numbers from the first and second half of the row

According to statistics, most pay attention only to the first part of the series. This is not the best trend, but who knows, how will luck turn.
Multi-circulation - favorite numbers are chosen and bets are made on them until then, until they win.
Syndicate - Purchase a Large Number of Tickets (for several people with a common bank)

If you win, the money is divided equally

Over time, online lotto players come up with new strategies., or use luck. Both situations have approximately the same result..

Secrets of Big Winnings

One of the worst secrets, which every winner will be happy to share - play more. Regular bets, buying tickets, coming up with new numbers will allow you to get closer to your goal faster. Despite, that "newbies are lucky", this saying very rarely applies to this type of entertainment. None of the real millionaires got their winnings just because, that I took a change ticket at the supermarket. And the first step on the way to victory is registration in a truly reliable virtual institution!

Ukraine and the legal sphere of gambling

Following the example of many European countries, in Ukraine, gambling activity was almost completely frozen. But this fact did not affect online lotteries in Ukraine.. Furthermore, the most popular types can often be seen on television. Several lucrative online lotto and live games sponsored by major operators: "Ukrainian National Lottery" and "MSL".

It is hard to say, which lottery is the most winning in Ukraine, but the disadvantage for each of the above is the offline location. To follow the process and, especially, participate, you need to wake up early and turn on the TV. There is often no time for this., our desires. And this is the first plus of the online version of the game.

Lotto prizes 6 out 45

It takes about 50% ticket revenue. The number of winning combinations - 8, thanks to which the chance of winning is very high.

The prize fund of each draw is divided into 8 parts, each of which the winners share equally. Exception - Lowest, fixed prize 1.2 euro for combinations 0 + Z, 1+Z и 2+Z. Always remains in reserve 1.5% on occasion, if there are many winners in this category.

Prizes are distributed as follows:

Combination Share of the prize pool, % Average payoff, euros
6 40 1.75 million
5+WITH 5.5 40 000
5 6 1 150
4+WITH 2.1 160
4 9.9 40
3+WITH 4.8 15
3 17.6 4.5
0+WITH, 1+Z or 2 + Z about 12.6 1.2 (fixed)
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