Australian lotteries: specifications, participation rules and reviews

Australian lotteries: specifications, participation rules and reviews

How to play Lotto on Wednesdays?

The Lotto environment gives you some choice, when it comes to game options. Here is a list of, what could you try:

  • Ticket with numbers, which you have chosen;
  • Pre-filled ticket, which contains randomly selected numbers;
  • System: this is an option to increase the number of games, which you can play. Obviously, that playing a higher percentage of games will increase your chances of winning. There are two types of system games: more numbers (You play every game with a large set of numbers) and fewer numbers (this option decreases the correct numbers, which you must have, to win);
  • Syndicate: Wednesday Lottery Lets You Play Syndicate. This is a group of people, who play lotto together and share the winnings among all syndicate members;
  • Multiweek play: allows you to send numbers for the drawing to the next two, five or ten weeks.

Obviously, what if you want to win something serious, you should wait for a special event. They are announced in advance. Check the news every once in a while, to find out, will there be something exciting in the coming weeks.

Lottery Name Maximum Jackpot
Fat 18 million EUR
Euromillions GBP 167 million
Powerball $1.6 Billions
Mega Millions $656 million
SuperLotto $120 Million
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