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Good luck lotteries in Japan

Fortune lottery tickets - takarakuji (takarakuji) usually sold in small shops in large cities, in which the lottery is held. Lotteries are held on specific days. New Year's lottery tickets are sold exclusively at Mizuho Bank. They are then distributed by dealers. Jumbo Nenmatsu Takarakuji (takarakuji) not the only kind of lottery. But here the main prize could be ten million yen or more.. However, by law 50% profits from such lotteries should be sent to charity and to the state treasury. Japanese lotteries can be of several types. These are mainly numbered, digital, numerical variations and traditional card games. The price of each ticket ranges from 100 to 500 yen.

Yakuza clans and illegal gambling in Japan

Japanese yakuza, they are also criminal gangs, contain illegal casino halls, since the gambling business is one of the main areas of their activity. Only there they play seriously, on a grand scale and for money. Besides traditional gambling: cards, roulette, you can play chinese mahjong. Remarkably, that in Japan there are many resources with online casinos, while, that it is forbidden. Unlike countries, Where, if you really want, then players can freely spin the virtual roulette, eg, directly on the internet, the Japanese are teetering on the brink of the unlawful at their own peril and risk.

Pachinko (Pachinko)

Pachinko is called a slot machine game, so called slot, which looks like a vertical pinball. As an exception, pachinkos are not officially classified as gambling.. Probably, the Japanese did it for cultural or historical reasons. Halls with pachinko slot machines, privately run, distributed throughout Japan, and more than half of the local population and tourists become visitors to the halls every day.

When playing pachinko, you need to win small metal balls of steel. The diameter of each ball is exactly 11 millimeters. The price of one such balloon in Japan is about four yen, but players, not being small, usually charge a thousand yen at once. The game is, so that through many different obstacles, affecting the trajectory of the balls, direct the balls to the target using a special device, affecting their speed. The goal is winning pockets on the playing field of the pachinko machine. Most balls, safely bypassing all obstacles, falls down and into the machine, will not bring any bonus to the player. But some balls will still fall into the pockets, which activate the machine and it gives out a prize. The win is the same balls, which are poured out automatically into a special tank. Later, these balls can be exchanged at the box office for prizes, and then the prizes in the immediate vicinity of the gaming hall are secretly exchanged for money. This convoluted scheme is nothing else, as malicious manipulation, tricking japan law, where games with cash winnings are prohibited. But the scheme has long and successfully worked throughout the country..

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