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Vikingloto lottery (Vikinglotto)

Member countries: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Online ticket sales: carried out on the territory of the participating countries.

Age of participants: in Estonia – from 16 years old, in the rest of the participating countries – from 18 years old.

Ticket price (one position): 0,80 euro in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia, 6 Danish kroner in Denmark, 100 Icelandic kronor in Iceland, 6 Norwegian kroner in Norway, 10 Swedish kronor in Sweden.

Minimum jackpot: 3 000 000 euros.

Maximum jackpot: 35 000 000 euros.

Max Jackpot Drawn: no data.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 98 172 096.

Probability of winning any prize: no data.

Winnings tax: paid by the winner according to the laws of that country, where the ticket was purchased.

Drawing: weekly on Wednesdays.

Vikingloto lottery rules (Vikinglotto):

Participants in the drawing 6 balls from the main 48 and 1 ball out 8 additional. The minimum amount is paid for 3 guessed main numbers, the jackpot is paid for 6 major and 1 extra ball. If multiple participants have won the jackpot, then it is divided equally between them.

Winning probability table Vikingloto:

  • guessed 3 main ball: 1 to 61;
  • guessed 3 main ball and 1 additional: 1 to 428;
  • guessed 4 main ball: 1 to 1 086;
  • guessed 4 main ball and 1 additional: 1 to 7 601;
  • guessed 5 main balls: 1 to 55 653;
  • guessed 5 main balls and 1 additional: 1 to 389 572;
  • guessed 6 main balls: 1 to 14 024 585;
  • guessed 6 main balls and 1 additional: 1 to 98 172 096.

The amount paid for the jackpot and for 6 of the guessed numbers is the same for all participating countries, for other categories, payments are individual for each country.

Additional draws. Apart from the main draw, additional draws are held in participating countries. IN Latvia additional games are called "Joker" ("Dzokers")and "Joker7" (Dzokers7) with maximum winnings 150 000 euro and 750 000 euro respectively.

Historical reference: the first lottery draw took place in the city-commune of Hamar (Norway) in March 1993 years and is held there to this day. Participated in the lottery 5 countries - Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. IN 2000 Estonia joined the lottery, and in 2011 year – Latvia and Lithuania. FROM 24 May 2017 year due to changes in the rules and format of the lottery, the ticket price has increased (in the eurozone with 0,60 to 0,80 euro per position) and increased cash prizes.

Special lottery receipts

The Spanish lottery has special draw categories:

  • special editions - the price of one tenth of the ticket is 12 euros, draw takes place on Saturday, prizes are within 1-3 million;
  • extraordinary draws - the price of one tenth of the ticket is 15-20 euros, runs in the presence of extraordinary events, the amount of the probable prize for each case is determined individually.

Besides, the founders of the lottery game provide players with the opportunity to compete for a special prize. He is called Reintegro in the game.. The one, who managed to get such a prize, claiming a refund for the ticket - 3-20 euros.

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