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American lotteries: ticket prices, circulations, regulations, points of sale

What TheLotter offers

Let's figure it out, what TheLotter offers and where you can get rich.

First, the user needs to register. Then choose the lottery you like, there are more than 50. And choose your lucky number. The intermediaries will do the rest for you. If you believe the information, written on the official website, then TheLotter representatives will purchase a lottery ticket on your behalf and upload a scanned copy of it to your account. If the naive user wins, then he receives a notification and the money is transferred to the balance.

Besides, TheLotter gives its users the opportunity not only to purchase lottery tickets, but also participate in various contests with incredible prizes. Players have the chance to spend a weekend in Majorca for two in a five-star hotel, and that's it, what needs to be done is to purchase 7 and more lottery tickets on this resource and wait for the results of the competition. Previously, such prizes were raffled in Zelotter, like an apple watch, travel to Rome and iPhone 6 Plus.

And so that the players are completely interested, the developers offer to bring their friends or relatives, who will also play the lottery. This group of people is called a syndicate. Inviting friends to play, you will be able to purchase a ticket to the club. Yes, in this case you will save, but at the same time the winnings will be divided in half.

Choosing this version of the game, stipulate the rules of participation in advance, since there have been cases, when one of the syndicate players took the winning money for himself, justifying this by, that it was his ticket that brought the prize.

Zelotter offers players such options:

  • Standard rates. Nothing complicated here, just select numbers manually, you can use the "auto-select" option;
  • Syndicate bet. Play not by yourself, and in a group of friends. You will pay less, but the prize will not be complete, since you have to share the winnings;
  • Betting- combo. Successful combination of syndicate and standard rate.

Foreign lotteries in Russia - how to buy?

Purchase a ticket remotely (via the internet) - the most popular method, which is used by a large number of participants around the world. Almost all the most popular lotteries in the world can be bought on the website of intermediaries.

Naturally, it poses some danger:

  1. Often the reseller will require an advance payment, which involves the risk of being deceived and not getting your ticket.
  2. Mediators almost always inflate the real cost, to make a profit.
  3. This is one of the methods of making money scammers, and the participant can get his coupon, but here's the win, forever out of reach.

How to buy a ticket without risks?

There are several methods, which will help you not to fall into the trap of unscrupulous resellers when buying foreign tickets:

  • go to the USA or Europe on your own, to buy tickets. As an option, you can ask friends or relatives, which will be in the host countries;
  • try to find an honest intermediary, which has already been tested by time and other participants, and buy a coupon from him;

If you can't find lotteries in the world without intermediaries, then you can work with one of the most famous intermediaries, who has proven his honesty and reliability, stable work for many years.

Agentlotto is the world's best lottery broker

One of the most famous and popular intermediary portals, which offers its services for the acquisition and withdrawal of lottery winnings from different countries of Latin America, USA, Australia and Europe remotely - Agentlotto.

Registered users are given the opportunity to choose among two dozen lotteries, which differ in jackpot sizes and conditions.

Next, you will be presented with the most popular and famous lotteries in the world with the largest jackpot based on their location:

Great Britain - UK Lotto.


  • Powerball
  • MEGA Millions
  • New Jersey Pick-6
  • Lotto Texas
  • Superlotto Plus


  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot




  • BonoLoto
  • Fat
  • The primitive

Great Britain:

UK Lotto

Agentloto works on the same principle:

  1. User must go through the registration process.
  2. Choose a suitable lottery.
  3. Deposit money into your account in your personal account.
  4. Buy the required number of tickets and place a bet.
  5. Get a copy of your ticket, which will be in your personal account.
  6. Wait for the draw.

If you win:

  • in case of winning a small amount (the limit is set by each organizer separately), it can be received into an account in your personal account and withdrawn by a convenient method from the presented;
  • with a big win, it is necessary to independently go to the country of the drawing, to receive the original ticket and collect your winnings in person or for a certain percentage of the amount, issue a power of attorney for an intermediary, who will receive the winnings himself and then send it to the rightful owner.

Should you trust intermediaries?

Even after a cursory examination of the intermediary for foreign lotteries in Russia, more precisely Agentlotto, you can immediately see the list of real winners, where the country and the amount are indicated. You can note, what are the most gambling or lucky, citizens of Germany and Poland are considered, however, there are winners from Belarus and even Kyrgyzstan.

Report is not enough?

You can independently flip through the pages on the Internet, to find as much truthful information as possible. For most foreign lotteries, reviews are mostly positive.. for example, the same Agentlotto offers its services with 2012 of the year. During this time, he collected a huge number of positive reviews from real players..

Of course there are negative, but there are much less of them. In fact, no gambling entertainment can do without angry attacks from users, who lost.

Very important, that at the time of purchasing a member, a scanned copy of it will be presented in your personal account, which can be submitted by the organizer to receive their legal prize

What lottery tickets to buy?

Of course, to purchase lottery tickets, you need to register in the system, otherwise how will you get the prize later? Registration in the system on any of the sites is quite simple, to pass it, click on the "Register" button at the top of the page on the Jackpot or Lotto Agent website. You can pay for the purchased tickets either through electronic wallets, or by plastic card.

Now let's take a look at the mind-blowing selection of lottery tickets in the world.. Below I will list the most popular lotteries with a brief description..

PowerBall is the most famous lottery in the United States of America, held in forty-three states. It was here in January 2016 the largest jackpot in the history of lotteries was drawn - 1,5 billion dollars, and in 2013 year 590,5 million. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday local time. Winnings start at 3$ and end 200 000$. Jackpot, however, not played out every time, due to which it is constantly accumulating and growing to phenomenal sizes, sometimes reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

EuroMillions is already a European lottery, conducted for 9 countries, including France, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and others. Jackpot starts with 15 000 000 Euro and once reached the mark 115 million and was won by one person. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 Paris time.

Russian lotto - if you choose from the domestic segment of the gambling market, then this lottery is one of the most preferred. The reasons are simple - a large number of winning combinations, interesting gameplay, increased ratio of the number of winning tickets to their total number. Jackpot starts from 50 million rubles and with successful accumulation reaches half a billion. Draw is held every week, the broadcast of the draw on Sundays at 14:00 on the TV channel "NTV".

MegaMillions is also one of the most famous lotteries in the USA, held in forty six states. The jackpot of this lottery starts at 12 000 000$. Additional winnings, played every time, come to 250 000$. The draws are broadcast on WGN America on Tuesdays and Fridays in Atlanta at 23:00 local time.

Exist, as you understood, many more famous lotteries, which you will all find on the above services. If you find them more reliable, or you were already familiar with them before, you can also purchase them. Here I just brought the most famous and purchased.

For motivation ...

Hopefully, now you understand, how to buy certain lottery tickets, now, as a motivation, I would like to give a few examples of fabulously large wins for more enthusiasm:

Good luck and no fluff, not a pen " !

Megamillions Lottery («MegaMillions»)

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out.

How to buy tickets: either be a US citizen, or being legally in the country (tourist visa, green card, etc.. d.). Possible Legal Ways to Play Lottery Outside America.

Ticket price (one position): $1.

Minimum jackpot: $40 000 000.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 billion 537 million dollars won by a resident of South Carolina 23 October 2018 of the year.

Payment of the jackpot: approximately half of the winnings are paid in cash immediately after formal procedures. If the winner wants to receive the full amount of the jackpot, then he must agree to pay the jackpot within 29 years old. He will receive the first part of the jackpot shortly after the presentation and verification of the winning ticket, he will receive the remaining parts annually. Moreover, the payments are arranged in this way, that every year the payment will be on 5% more, than the previous. But most of the Megamillions lottery winners («Megamillions») prefer a one-time jackpot payment.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 258 890 850.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 14,71.

Drawing: held twice a week, on tuesday and friday.

Megamillions Lottery Rules («MegaMillions»):

The first lottery drum contains numbered balls from 1 to 75 inclusive. In the second – from 1 to 15 inclusive. Fall out of the first lottery drum 5 balls, from the second – 1 ball, which is called MegaBall. Before the drawing, the lottery ticket must be marked 5 main numbers and one additional, ie. MegaBall. Or use the "Quick Pick" option, by entrusting the filling of the ticket at random to the machine. The jackpot will be shared equally by all those, who will guess correctly 5 balls dropped and MegaBall number. If there is only one winner, then he will receive the jackpot according to the conditions described above.

Like the Powerball lottery, in "Megamillions" you can increase your winnings in 2, 3, 4 or 5 time, bought for $1 option "MegaPlier". And in this American lottery, the option does not apply to the jackpot.

Approximate paytable Megamillions (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • $1- guessed only MegaBall (1 to 21);
  • $2 – guessed 1 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 56);
  • $5 – guessed 2 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 473);
  • $5 – guessed 3 ball and not guessed by MegaBall (1 to 766);
  • $50 – guessed 3 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 10 720);
  • $500 – guessed 4 ball and not guessed by MegaBall (1 to 52 835);
  • $5 000 – guessed 4 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 739 688);
  • $1 000 000 – guessed 5 balls and not guessed by MegaBall (1 to 18 492 204);
  • Jackpot – guessed 5 balls and guessed MegaBall (1 to 258 890 850).

As you can see, the differences in the prizes of these American lotteries are, that payments to Megamillions are generally lower, than Powerball. Except for the combination only 4 guessed balls: in the first lottery you will receive $100, in the second – $500. And in case, if the "MegaPlier" option is the coefficient 5, then with guessed 5 balls and not guessed MegaBall you will get not a million, and 5 million dollars. In Powerball, for any value of PowerPlay, the payout will be 2 million dollars in that case, if you guessed right 5 balls.

Historical reference: in September 1996 the first draw of the lottery "The Big Game" – "Big game", and ticket sales began a few days before in six states. Initially, the drawing was held once a week, On Friday, but since February 1998 the second draw was added, on Tuesday. The game format was chosen for the lottery 5/50 + 1/25, but already in January 1999 MegaBall had to be guessed from 36 balls.

In May 2002 along with the next rule change "The Big Game" was renamed to "MegaMillions". Under the old brand, the maximum jackpot won was 363 million dollars. The first jackpot under the new brand was drawn in the same year, 24 December, and made 68 million dollars. All new states were plugged into the game, and joined in December 2003 Texas first introduced the MegaPlier option to its players. After that, over time, in almost all states participating in the lottery, this option became available.

The format of the game in this American lottery continued to change.. In May 2002 he became 5/52 + 1/52, June 2005 – 5/56 + 1/46, and since October 2013 acquired format, existing to this day – 5/75 + 1/15. In accordance with this, the probability of winning the jackpot also decreased..

TOP 5 best foreign lotteries for the Russian-speaking population

Foreign lottery with a big jackpot is a unique opportunity to become the owner of a prize of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Spending money to buy a ticket, the participant risks them exclusively. But nevertheless, the choice of a specific offer must be approached responsibly. There are a lot of scammers in the gambling market.

It's worth choosing the lottery, very popular and have already proven their reliability with real winners' payouts. In this case, each participant can choose the strategy of the game independently. Agents or organizers do not limit him in any way in this right. Below we present to your attention a list of the best and most winning lotteries in the world., which are especially popular among the Russian-speaking population.

American Mega Millions - lottery with big wins in dollars

Mega Millions is one of the foreign lotteries in our ranking list, which Russians and citizens of other countries can play. The most famous lottery from the USA Mega Millions held the first draw under the modern name in 2002 year, and was created in 1996. Used for drawing 2 lototron. The participant must choose 5 basic balls with numbers from 1 to 70 and one mega ball with numbers from 1 to 25.

The game has gained great popularity among US residents and tourists, thanks to the large amounts of prizes. Maximum win, got one ticket - 319 million dollars, and the largest won jackpot was 656 million.

American Powerball Lottery

The most popular American Powerball lottery provides a participant's choice of numbers from two blocks. In the first, he should note 5 numbers from 1 to 69, and in the second - 1 ranging from 1 to 26. Jackpot raffled, if all match at once 6 digits.

Jackpot prize pool starts at 40 million dollars. Maximum played size - 1.5 billion dollars. It was won immediately 3 person in January 2016 of the year. You can increase the size of the secondary prizes several times, by connecting the PowerPlay option for a fee.

European EuroJackpot

European lottery EuroJackpot appeared in 2012 year. Many countries from the European Union participate in it. The participant must choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 additional - ranging from 1 to 10. The lottery draw takes place in Helsinki.

EuroJackpot works like this, so that the main prize is drawn more often, than in other similar games. Initial jackpot size - 10 million. It can accumulate. Maximum Jackpot Drawn - 90 million.

Italian SuperStar

The Italian SuperStar game is an advanced version of Superenalotto. The participant needs to choose 7 balls - 6 basic with numbers from 1 to 90 and 1 - additional special ball also with numbers 1-90.

The size of the main prize is equal to the Superenalotto jackpot + 2 million. The second winner will receive the sum of the Superenalotto prize plus 1 million. The maximum jackpot is almost 178 million.

English EuroMillions

Closes the rating of the most winning and popular foreign lotteries without cheating - EuroMillions. The English EuroMillions lottery appeared in 2004 year. It prompts the participant to choose 5 main balls with numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 - special additional ones with numbers from 1 to 12. Available 13 prize categories.

Minimum winnings - 4 euros. The minimum size of the main prize is 15 million euros. Maximum jackpot - 190 million euros. If a 2 times the main prize is not raffled, then on the third it is divided between the winners of the second and sometimes the third level.

How can you participate, living in Russia?

Russians love lottery games in the USA, therefore, buying a ticket for the American lottery in Russia is absolutely no problem. The main challenge is, to find a reliable intermediary.

Players, who take part in foreign games through intermediaries approve, that winnings are credited shortly after the draw, no problems arise.

Reviews of Russians about American lotteries in fairly large volumes are posted on various thematic forums. If you analyze them, you get such interesting results:

  • order 89 percent of players say, that American lottery games are fun and gambling, but they take part not so much, to get money, how much because of the desire to get adrenaline;
  • about 80 percent of users from Russia are convinced, that the rules of the game and features of American lotteries are one of the most understandable and simple.

According to Russian players, they were a little stressed by the fact, that the lottery game is from another country. They assumed, that the rules will be confusing and incomprehensible to our player. But in reality, everything turned out to be completely different..

The first game put everything in its place, and they immediately learned, how to play american lotteries.

How to play online

One of the ways to participate in the drawing of foreign lottery tickets is to use intermediaries of foreign games. The principle of work of intermediaries is quite simple - specialized sites have agents in the states, carrying out drawing of tickets of world lotteries.

Resellers purchase original tickets for common games. The participant receives a scanned copy of the ticket, and filling in the original is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the participant of the drawing.

The income of intermediaries consists in the sale of tickets for foreign games at a cost, an order of magnitude higher than the market, the intermediary charges a commission for the provision of his services. This is the disadvantage of using intermediary services.

Upon receipt of the winnings, funds are withdrawn to the player's account, which he binds when registering his account on the intermediary's website.

In case of receiving a large cash prize of the second or third category, the account owner must go through the verification procedure, which confirms the identity of the owner of the registered account.

If you win the jackpot, it will only be handed out in person, therefore, in such a situation, it will be necessary to prepare for a trip to the country where the lottery is held. Some large services in such a situation partially cover the costs of organizing the trip., which is the undoubted advantage of using intermediary services.

After that, it is possible to make a payment to the system in any convenient way and pay for the purchase of tickets. Large sites provide the ability to deposit money using any of the most electronic payment methods.

In this case, you can use both bank cards of the most common systems, and various virtual wallets. The disadvantage of most of these sites is the lack of Russian in the interface.

After depositing funds, they are reflected in the game account, the player only has to independently choose the foreign lottery that interests him. The ticket price is equal to the real, there are no markups of intermediaries, what can be considered one of the advantages of this way of playing.

In order to protect yourself from fraudulent activities, you need to know, that there are two types of intermediaries - transparent and invisible, they work differently.

Transparent intermediaries conduct open activities. The buyer can see all markups before purchasing the coupon and decide, whether or not to invest in the purchase of a ticket. In order to see the available prices, you do not need to go through the registration procedure on the intermediary's website.

Invisible intermediaries do not provide information on extra charges and the real cost of the ticket, when selling it by an intermediary, the player can see, just putting it in your basket, after completing the registration procedure on the intermediary website.

To protect yourself, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • choose only reliable ones for the game, large and time-tested services;
  • before using the services provided, you need to check the availability of an activity license, especially when purchasing a real ticket, the license is a guarantee of the supplier's honesty;
  • you should rummage on the Internet and study the available fresh reviews about the games and sites on which the game was carried out.

International lotteries in Russia

In addition to domestic lottery games, international lotteries are gaining significant popularity in Russia.. The main factor, determining the reasons for their widespread, is an impressive prize pool. The development of modern technologies has significantly accelerated this process.. Now international lotteries are available to residents of Russia online. Every day the Internet is filled with more and more real stories about winning this or that foreign lottery. The main motivating factor for these games is the multi-million dollar jackpot.

Foreign game

Despite the outrage of foreign players, associated with the multiple wins of Russians in their lottery, citizens of the Russian Federation are actively replenishing the lists of winners. The worldwide winnings statistics clearly indicate that, that every player has the opportunity to get a big jackpot, regardless of its geographic location. Online services for the sale of lottery tickets for foreign games make it much easier for Russians to participate in draws. For, to become a participant in an international lottery, just go to the website of the official representative of the game and buy a ticket, which shortly after the purchase will come in electronic form to the mail.

The legal side of the game

It is important to note, that when choosing a foreign lottery, you must carefully read the information about it. Often, official sites of games provide free access to information about the rules of the game, certificates and licenses, regulating the activities of the organizing company, etc.

If the lottery game, aroused your interest, does not have an official website with the above information, then the risk of being cheated in this game and losing your money, very high. World-renowned lottery games confirm their reliability and justify an impeccable reputation by providing legal acts to familiarize participants with them. The legal side of the issue is very important, primarily for the player himself. After all, this is his guarantee of the safety of personal funds..

International victory

What is the most honest lottery in Russia?

By law, only state lotteries are legal on the territory of Russia - their holding is regulated by a decision of the Government. Participants can count on lottery fairness, presented below.

The slogan 6 of 45

«The slogan 6 of 45 "- popular draw lottery, in which you can really win a big cash prize. Draws are held daily at 11:00 and 23:00 by Moscow time.

On the ticket, the participant must mark at least 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 45. The minimum cost of a game card is 100 rubles (6 selected numbers, one combination). Participants can make "multi-bets", to increase the chance of winning. for example, card, which noted 13 numbers, will be winning if 1716 possible combinations. However, in this case, the ticket will cost 171600 rubles.

All participants, guessing 2 numbers, get by 100 rubles. The remaining prize pool is distributed as a percentage between those, who matched:

  • 3 numbers - 18%;
  • 4 — 8%;
  • 5 — 16%;
  • 6 — 58%.

For 6 the guessed numbers get a super prize. Its minimum size in Gosloto 6 of 45 "- 10 million rubles.

Housing lottery

In the "Housing Lottery", in addition to cash prizes, apartments and country houses are raffled off. Ticket price - 100 rubles. The super prize is accumulated from run to run, its minimum size is 3 million.

Tickets contain 2 fields, in each of which 15 numbers - by 5 in three lines (range from 1 to 90), combinations are formed in advance. The super prize goes to the participant, which for 10 first moves will coincide 10 numbers of any two strings. Draws are held once a week on Sundays.


"Bingo-75" - lottery, where each ticket gives three chances to win, which could become a multi-million dollar jackpot. Draws are held weekly on Sundays at 13:30.

Combinations in tickets, which cost is 100 rubles, generated automatically - the participant chooses nothing. The card contains 24 numbers, range - 1-75. The circulation consists of 72 moves and several rounds. To get the minimum win (300 rubles) and participation in the further drawing of cash prizes is necessary, so that the ticket before 28 moves coincided 4 numbers, located in the corners of the game cards.

Minimum super prize - 10 million. The jackpot goes to the participant, in which all numbers in the playing field coincide with those dropped in the drawing up to 46 stroke inclusive. For winning with 47 by 55 move relies 50000 rubles, from 56 by 72 — 100 rubles.

Russian lotto

Russian Lotto is one of the most popular and fair drawing lotteries in Russia, which is conducted with 1994 of the year. The scheme is similar to the Housing Lottery - the range of numbers in game cards is from 1 to 90 (two fields, combinations are generated by the system automatically).

The biggest winnings are received by the winners of the first rounds of the "Russian Lotto" - from several tens of thousands to several million rubles. Besides, apartments are regularly drawn in the lottery, cars, vouchers and other prizes.

Draws are broadcast on Sundays at 14:00 on the NTV channel. Ticket price - 100 rubles. The minimum jackpot amount has not been set - it is constantly changing and accumulates from one draw to another.


You can win in this fair lottery, without guessing a single number. Draws take place every 15 minutes, therefore "KENO-Sportloto" will suit those, who doesn't want to wait long for the draw. Ticket price - 50 rubles.

The participant needs to choose 1-10 numbers ranging from 1 to 80. In the lottery 42 winning categories with a fixed reward. IN 4 cases can be obtained 50 rubles, not guessing a single number.


Also in a separate round of "KENO-Sportloto" a super prize is played (from 10 million rubles) by participant ticket number.

World lotteries in Russia, why so little is known about them?

Many before reading this heading, did not even know about that, that in Russia you can buy lotteries of the world online. There are several reasons for the low popularity, but it is worth highlighting two main.

#1. Reluctance to attract foreign players

Mainly, the organizers themselves do not want to offer tickets in other countries. That is why it is so difficult to find and purchase them in Russia.. Naturally, money doesn't smell, but in the USA and Europe there are already enough applicants for a large prize.

Among other things, often it is the participants themselves who do not want to, so that multimillion jackpots go from their countries to others, and even more so in the Russian Federation.

#2. Minimum information about world lotteries

Not every Internet portal, which offers to take part in the lottery is Russified, and if it is translated into Russian, that is very stingy, in just a few words. Other official sites are completely inaccessible to users with a Russian IP.

Whatever it was, world lotteries online are becoming more and more popular every day among players from the Russian Federation, thanks to the transparency and fairness of the drawing, and also because of the opportunity to hit a large jackpot, which may exceed domestic, in the dozens, and sometimes hundreds of times. And even prizes of the third category, much higher and may exceed the main jackpots of state domestic lotteries

The higher the lottery jackpot, the more chances

It's not a secret to anybody, that the value of the game increases, when the jackpot rises. Thus, if you are stuck waiting, until the jackpot rises again in our country, we have to wait. Sure, playing a small jackpot is also interesting, but still it is more excitement to play big jackpots. Not only will you enjoy more, imagining winning one of those huge prizes, which we see, what others get, but the odds are much higher in our favor with big jackpots.

It takes time, so that the jackpot grows to a monumental size, what are they doing for a long time, and that means, that a significant amount of time has passed and no one has won the jackpot. As time goes by, all these small jackpots, who did not win, accumulate.

I'm sure, that I shouldn't go into details about, how much better to play lotto with big jackpots. therefore, the more we have access to these big lotto jackpots, all the better. therefore, when there is such a service on the Internet, it's good, since you have access to all lotteries.

We now have access to all the big lotteries, including US Powerball and Mega Millions lottery, Canadian lotto 6/49, Spanish El Gordo, SuperEna Italy, EuroMillions jackpot, Eurojackpot, and much, much more.

therefore, naturally, I am very happy about it, as i know, that you are the same, and that's why I want to share with you about it. Even if you are just a random lotto player, why don't you stop limiting yourself, when you can broaden your horizons and include the whole world through this great online lotto service? Again, they provide us with all this for a small fee, but they will not deduct anything from your winnings.

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