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Powerball australia

Rules of the game

As already said, Powerball Lottery uses two types of balls. One lottery drum contains 69 white balls, and in the second 25 red balls. Total number of participants in the drawing 6 balls:

  • 5 balls of white;
  • 1 ball red.

It is the red ball that is called Powerball.

On their ticket, each player randomly chooses numbers, which, in his opinion, must fall on the balls. You can do it yourself, but you can trust a special program - a random number generator. If the player guesses all the numbers, then he becomes the main winner of the drawing and receives his legal prize. Results are announced immediately. There are two ways to observe the progress of the lottery:

  • on the official lottery channel on Youtube live;
  • using the official mobile phone app.

In that case, if you bought a ticket through an intermediary, then he owes you about the results of the drawing and the amount of your winnings.

According to the official rules of the US online lotto, only individuals can participate, who have come of age. I.e, participants must not be younger 18 years old. However, in some states, the majority is considered 21 year, therefore faces, under this age, not eligible to participate in the lottery.

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