American lottery play

Australian lottery saturday lotto (6 of 45)

Happiness is almost half a billion

First, about the fact of winning: Jackpot amount 435 million dollar player ripped, guessing 5 "Red" numbers and one "white". The winning ticket was the only one, so the lucky one won't have to share his millions with anyone. The organizers are not ready to say yet, who was the winner: citizen of the USA or another country, only known, that the lucky voucher was bought in Lafayette (Louisiana).

The chance of winning the Powerball Jackpot is very small at 1 to 292 millions. This player is really lucky..

In connection with such deafening news, you involuntarily think, how to play American lotteries in Russia. There is always an opportunity if you want. But before looking for her, read the rules of the game. After all, buying a ticket for a domestic lottery and a foreign one online is similar, but still different procedures.

It looks a little comical., in my opinion (if unlucky, you can't fix the situation with complaints). But Americans think,that in this way they can influence their own lottery happiness.

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