Green card – green card

Filling out an application for a us green card 2022

Your digital photo must meet the following requirements:

  • Image must be in JPEG format (.jpg)
  • Maximum image size 240kB (kilobyte)
  • Pixels must be square (image width must be equal to height)
  • Permitted Resolution 600 x 600 pixels

If you want to scan a paper photo, then in addition to the requirements, for digital photographs, paper photo must meet the following requirements:

  • 2 x 2 inch (51 x 51 mm)
  • Resolution 300 dpi (12 pixels per millimeter)

You can use the free photo editor on the State Department website:

  1. Select digital image, saved on your computer
  2. Resize and position your photo, if necessary
  3. Cut the photo to the desired size 600 x 600 pixels

How to get a US green card

Except for marriage to a US citizen, reunification with relatives and obtaining political asylum, green card can be obtained through the lottery.
We will talk about her.

The Green Card Lottery is called Diversity Immigrant Visa (diversification lottery).
That is, the drawing of US visas, giving the winners the status of a US resident.

Annual green card lottery.
Applications for participation are accepted every year at a certain period of time.

Registration of applications for a US green card

The application is submitted on the website
Registration for participation in the DV program is free.
Can apply:

- Citizens, born in countries eligible to participate in the DV lottery. Russia is one of them this year.
- Applicants must be educated. Minimum - high school diploma.

Country is excluded from the lottery, if over the past five years, more than 50 thousands of people.
Participation in the green card lottery does not affect obtaining a tourist visa to the United States.

When will the applications for DV-2021 in 2019 year

At the Vinsky Forum in the topic Won a green card (Green card) USA, what to do next - people write, which with 7 May 2019 check the results of the DV-2020 lottery.
Applications for DV-2020 were submitted in autumn 2018 (from 3 October to 6 November 2018).
DV-2020 lottery winners will receive their green cards next 2020 year.

The beginning of the new DV-2021 lottery on the green card starts from 2 October 2019.
Russia in the list of participating countries.

Follow the forum thread: USA Green Card Lottery (DV Lottery): information about participation in the green card lottery

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