USA: green card lottery 2020 year

What are the benefits of winning the green card lottery?? |

Participation in the Green Card Lottery (Green Card) with NVS is:

  • The ability to send a questionnaire for participation at any convenient time, regardless of the period of participation in the Green Card drawing;
  • Filling out a Green Card application form in a language convenient for you - our specialists will translate it into English in compliance with all the nuances;
  • Monitoring application status, from submission to publication of results;
  • Support throughout all stages of the competition, starting with filling out a questionnaire and ending with drawing up a drawing;
  • Assistance in collecting the necessary documents;
  • Preparing for the interview, including detailed consideration of possible questions and correct behavior during the interview;
  • Advising participants, who are not clients of our company, within the framework of free seminars;
  • Individual approach to each individual situation;
  • Flexible system of payment for services;
  • Receiving compensation in case of visa refusal (when purchasing the "Paid" package, "Prize").

In addition to helping to participate in the Green Card competition, NVS specialists assist in obtaining immigration and non-immigrant visas, helping to get around slippery topics and solve possible problematic issues. Besides, focusing on the provided data, company employees can assess the chances of obtaining a visa.

Green Card cost

Applying for participation in Green Card on the official website is free. However, contacting our company, you get a number of benefits. You don't have to translate your application, submit it annually on the official website and track your winnings. We will do all this for you!

If there is no confidence in success, requirements for paperwork are not fully understood, unclear, how to prepare for an interview at the embassy and what to expect, - we recommend contacting our company. We can provide the necessary support, help with professional advice and bring you closer to the fulfillment of your dream of moving to America.

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