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What is a green card and what does it give?

The first green cards appeared in the pre-war years. These weren't really green cards., but rather their prototypes, what were white. And after World War II, they reached a massive amount, changed the place of registration and "turned green". true, later 18 years the card design has changed, but the improved models stuck with the old name.

A Green Card is a United States Permanent Resident Card or, in other words, resident document (but not a citizen yet). I.e, a person is given a list of the rights of practically official residents of the country. He receives a residence permit, which is important and gets a promising opportunity in the work field.

It is of two types:

  • Permanent or unconditional. I.e, is a precursor to citizenship itself;
  • Conditional or temporary. I.e, issued for a specific time. Or rather - on 2 of the year. This type of green card is used when concluding various civil marriages.. And if the spouses kept the family after the deadline, then she card is gaining the status of permanent.

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What privileges does the "green card" give??

  • The main plus is the ability to legally live in the United States.. Not just, but whole 10 years old. After this period, it is assumed the possibility of extending the document through simple procedures.. By the way, all states are subject to the law.
  • After a while, you will also receive the right to freely leave the country and return to it..
  • You will have the opportunity to officially get a job!
  • Also, children have a chance to attend public school..
  • But you can also get benefits for training.. for example, pay less for studying at a university.
  • Or even pay taxes at reduced rates. true, there should be no debts in the homeland.

The card gives many privileges

  • In some cases, retirement benefits are implied, what is provided by law.
  • You will also have a chance to get a driver's license in America.
  • You may be receiving social security benefits or as a result of a disability. And for the elderly there are benefits for health insurance..
  • And you can even take a preferential target loan from the bank.
  • But the best part is the chance to apply for citizenship. It appears true five years after receiving the "green card".

And what does the state "ask" in return?

Yes, there is also a "reverse side of the coin". Although the proposed requirements are within reasonable limits.

  • You need to pay income tax.
  • If a man is in the draft age (from 18 d 26 years old), then he must register with the conscription service. Although this law is now being revised.
  • To avoid difficult situations, holders of "green cards" always need to have documents with them, confirming their legal residence.
  • And if you decide to move to another state or at least to the next street, then you first need to notify the migration service.
  • And the most important requirement is not to leave the USA anymore., than on 6 months. Otherwise, the card may be taken away in an instant. You need to spend most of the time in the country.

Not less important, so that you work in one place from 6 months before 1 of the year. This is especially true for those citizens, that you received a card based on a job invitation.
Good behavior also becomes one position.

If you broke the law, then the government may consider you unsuitable for a green card.

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