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Green Card processing methods

Family reunification

The presence of first-line relatives legally and permanently residing in the United States gives almost one hundred percent of the Green Card.

These include:

  • parents;
  • spouses G;
  • children, under the age of 21;
  • siblings.

Marriage with a resident

Formal marriage with a US citizen or citizen is almost a win-win.

However, in this case, much attention is paid to checking that, how real the marriage is. In addition to the marriage certificate, other arguments will be required., documented:

  • joint bank account;
  • utility bills;
  • shared property;
  • joint business;
  • having children.

They also require you to present photographs depicting the process of family life.:

  • wedding and travel;
  • tourist trips;
  • camping;
  • touching scenes in home interiors.

And even this is not enough for the final conviction. Therefore, first they issue a residence permit for two years. After the lapse of 21 month you need to submit a fresh package according to the list. And only after that a green card is issued.
If the foreign spouse has children, they automatically receive a residence permit.


Refugees can expect to receive, if they can prove, that their health or life itself is in serious danger due to religious, ideological, racial or political differences with the authorities of their homeland. This opportunity, eg, people with non-traditional sexual orientation actively use.

To do this, you need to perform two steps in the following order:

  • get into the United States;
  • provide appropriate, irrefutable evidence, that life is in real danger.

It's very difficult to do it, so you need a good lawyer, which requires significant financial costs. But as a result, not only the applicant will receive the card, but also his spouse and children.


Investments in the amount of 500000 to 1000000 dollars:

  • deposits;
  • securities;
  • share participation in an enterprise;
  • starting your own business.


This is the annual program of the US Department of State, giving the opportunity to win the desired card, if there are no other grounds and opportunities to issue it. Everyone can participate in it, and in case of failure you have the right to retry.

A special website has been created for this., where the registration of the draw candidates takes place:

What documents are required to obtain a US visa?

Package of documents, required for a Green Card, differs depending on the production method:

Marriage to a US citizen

Only officially contracted marriage is considered. A spouse who is a citizen sends a petition to the migration service with a request to issue a residence permit to a migrant. Attach to the letter:

  • marriage certificate,
  • confirmation of living together (bank accounts, utility bills, joint ownership documents, family photos),
  • divorce certificate with a notarized translation (if it was),
  • completed biography forms for both spouses,
  • payment for services.

It is recommended to send only copies of documents, not originals. After submitting the appropriate forms, an invitation for an interview will be sent, where the spouses have to prove, that their marriage is not fictitious

Important to remember, that the conclusion of a fictitious marriage carries the risk, as for a migrant, so for an American citizen, starting with administrative penalties and ending with deportation (for the first)

Work Visa

Issued upon application by an American employer (when calling a foreign employee to perform short-term work). The employee is required to provide:

  • translation of diploma and application,
  • CV in English,
  • certificate of seniority,
  • certificate from the previous place of work.

In addition to the above, a consular fee is required and, if the migrant moves with his family, Marriage certificate, birth of children, etc.. The employer must also confirm the possibility of hiring. (filling out a form indicating the salary provided, description of working conditions and obligations).

Difficulty can be caused by the presence of a quota on the number of visas issued (at the same time, there is an additional quota for specialists with a master's degree) and the complexity of the procedure for the employer.

Family reunion

There are several types of close relatives (spouses, single children up to 21 of the year, married children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, their spouses and children, parents) American citizens, each of which requires its own documents. To summarize, it is necessary:

  • petition from the citizen,
  • appropriate sample form for a migrant,
  • copies of marriage / birth certificate,
  • financial guarantee,
  • medical commission,
  • biography,
  • consular fee.

Obtaining refugee status

May be granted for political persecution, race and nationality, participation in social groups (including by sexual orientation). In addition to applying for status, need to prepare evidence of a threat to life (confirmation of participation in strikes, threatening letters, medical certificates, notarized letters of witnesses, etc.) and be interviewed at the migration service.

At the same time, refugee status is not granted to persons, committed a serious crime, persecuting someone on political / national grounds, trying to avoid criminal responsibility, posing a threat to US security.

Participation in the Green Card Lottery

After winning, the applicant fills out the DS-260 form on the official website, undergoes a medical examination and prepares documents, to apply for a Green Card interview:

  • no criminal record,
  • diploma,
  • birth / marriage / divorce certificate,
  • certificate of work experience,
  • financial guarantors.

Deciding to get an American residence permit, you need to be prepared for a long wait for issuance (due to the large number of foreigners served), financial costs and an extensive list of required documents. When in doubt, it makes sense to contact lawyers, which will help prepare the necessary immediately, avoiding wasting time.

Registration methods

The drawing of documents for entry to America is carried out annually. You can apply for the competition by filling out a questionnaire, whose template is presented on the website of the Department of State. There are also several options, how to get a US green card for a citizen of the Russian Federation without a draw. In any case, you can draw up all the necessary papers yourself or contact an intermediary company, whose specialists will fill out a questionnaire for the client, will sign up for an interview at the embassy and arrange a trip for him.

Family reunion

Close relatives of an American citizen can apply:

  • spouse(and);
  • father and mother;
  • children before 21 (idle);
  • brother or sister (older 21).

Not always, but quite often applications from the husband or wife of a deceased US citizen are considered, as well as from children, born to diplomats in the United States.


This reason is often used by scammers, therefore, such profiles are checked especially carefully. So that there are no problems with admission to the country, must provide proof of cohabitation: billing statements, certificates of common property, family photos, etc..

Work and political visa

A similar right is given by the refugee status confirmed by the American authorities. It is assigned to people, whose lives are threatened in their homeland. This is required to be proven at the American Embassy. Harassment victim status does not automatically entitle you to enter the States. for example, terrorist, chased by the local government, you can not count on asylum in America. The relevant services approach the issue of the expediency of granting a residence permit individually.


If you invest more than half a million dollars in the American economy, the businessman will be issued a green card for 2 years with the right of subsequent registration of citizenship. After registering the application, the relevant federal services will necessarily check the sources of funding for money laundering and other crime..

Participation in the lottery

Drawn annually for 55 thousands of "trips" to America. Anyone can declare their intention to try their luck in the lottery and get a chance to become a green card holder, who has at least secondary education or two years of work experience, is healthy and law abiding (without convictions). Residents of those countries are allowed to the competition, the proportion of immigrants from whom the United States does not exceed 50000 person. As of 2020 representatives of at least 160 countries.

Diversification visas are drawn every summer, however, applications must be submitted in October-November, as by the end of spring the American authorities will check the contestants. To participate in the green card draw, you should fill out a questionnaire in the form, available on the website of the US Department of State. The applicant is accredited, if the data entered by him is reliable, and he himself fits the main criteria of the lottery.

The participant of the competition is in no way able to influence the process, how to win a green card. The computer program randomly selects the required number of competitors. On average, the chance of success is from 0.5 to 1%. However, the losers have the right to try again in the following years..


The drawing scheme can be illustrated by the example of the last lottery, which started in October 2017 years and continues now.

  1. The first step is to submit an application. The US administration annually publishes the specific date of the start of work on receiving applications on the website of the Department of State.. Last "season" it happened in early October.
  2. During the fall and spring, US representatives check applications and candidates for participation. The final registration of applicants for the green card ends by May. Thus, in 2020 the described work has not been completed yet.
  3. The draw will take place in May or this summer, after which the winners will have to go through an interview.
  4. They, who will win the competition and will be approved by the US Diplomatic and Migration Services, will receive the cherished cards. Thus, applicants in 2020, green card should not be expected earlier 2020 of the year.

The main stages of the competition do not change already 30 years old, during which it is held annually.

Checking the results of the draw

Discover, are the person among the winners, possible from the beginning of May to the end of September of the year following the application. These results will be final. However, what to do after winning a green card, not everyone knows. At this moment, you can already contact the embassy and draw up documents for entry to America.

Won the lottery, but did not receive a visa

It happens often. Did you find out about the win, and now you need to collect the papers necessary for departure and submit documents to the Embassy, and also pass an interview for a visa. After they make a decision: whether to issue you a visa or not.

Required documents for a green card in the USA

  1. Diploma or certificate of education. If you have everything 8-9 classes, it will take 5 years of experience in the specialty, which require two years of professional training.
  2. Help about, that you have no criminal record from all registration places, where did you live for six months or more. For instance, one year suspended sentence is a good reason to refuse.
  3. All documentation, which will give an idea of ​​your relationship, you have children under the age of 21 of the year, as well as the presence of your marriage and all existing divorces.
  4. Certificate of absence of dangerous diseases. AIDS and hepatitis C also often lead to rejection.

If you have been illegally in the States for more than six months, then in this case you will also be denied a visa. Besides, at the interview you need to prove, that you have sufficient funds and that you can fully adapt to American life.

To do this, you need to obtain written confirmation from them in advance and attach photocopies of the accounts registered on them to this document., where is at least 3000$. Such submitted documents will be a guarantee of obtaining a US visa.

Another problem is, that every year the computer selects more winners, what is allocated to your state. This is due to the, that not every winner will be able to receive this status due to late submission of documents and delay in their submission.

If you can win, you will be assigned a number, which will show your place in the queue for your country. therefore, to get a card, you should definitely be as high as possible on this list, because after issue 50000 visas this program for this year will be completed for a specific country.

How to independently apply for participation in the Green Card Lottery

To take part in the green card drawing, follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Зайдите на сайт Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery.
  2. Заполните анкету — онлайн-форму DS-5501. В случае неполного заполнения формы заявку дисквалифицируют.
  3. Upload photos: his, spouse and children.

How to fill out a green card application correctly

Incorrectly filled out questionnaire is one of the most common reasons for rejection of an application. It is at this stage that many are mistaken., missing a lot of nuances. We tell, how to do everything right.

To get started, put off all other tasks and eliminate distractions - you will have everything to fill out the questionnaire 30 minutes. All data must be entered exclusively in Latin.

Name — Ф. AND. ABOUT. The variant of the first and last name must be specified the same, as in the passport. If it has a middle name in Latin, also enter it in the form - in the Middle Name column. If not or it is in Cyrillic, then no need.

Birth Date - date of birth.

Gender — пол.

City where you were born - city of birth. Use the current name of the settlement, if it has changed since your birth.

Country where you were born — страна рождения: the rule is the same, as for the previous point.

Country of Eligibility for the DV Program - is your country eligible to participate in the Green Card Lottery. The country must be eligible to participate in the DV program. If you live in a country like this, just put a check on the circle under the word "yes". If your country is not allowed to participate, можете указать страну рождения супруга или одного из родителей, as mentioned above.

  • Entrant Photograph - Photos: one per applicant and each family member, который в случае выигрыша получит право на переезд. Фото на грин-карту должны соответствовать ряду требований, otherwise the application may be rejected:
  • – They need to be uploaded in JPEG format (.jpg), file size should not exceed 240 kilobyte.
  • – The photo must be fresh (made no more than half a year ago), square, with permission 600 on 600 pixels and color depth 24 bits.
  • – The background in the photo should be light, and the skin color is natural.
  • – Shadows on the face or background are not acceptable, as well as sunglasses and other garments or accessories, covering the face.
  • – If you wear prescription glasses, follow, so that in the photo they do not give glare or reflections.
  • – The head should occupy approximately 50% places, be upright, facing the camera, no slopes.
  • – The image must be clear, and the face on it is in focus.

Mailing Adress — почтовый адрес.

Country Where You Live Today — страна, where do you live at the moment.

Phone Number - phone number in international format, eg: +38 0xx xxx xxxx for Ukraine or +7 xxx xxx xxx xx для России.

What is the Highest Level of Education You Have Achieved Today? (What is your educational level at the time of filling out the questionnaire?)

What is Your Current marital Status? (What is your marital status?) note, что среди вариантов есть статус Legally Separated. If a representative of the CIS decides to choose him, the application will be rejected, since in most post-Soviet countries such a status does not legally exist

Number of Children - number of children: all your unmarried children up to 21 of the year (including reception), as well as the spouse's children from a previous marriage, if they are (except foster).

In the case of specifying children and spouse, the second part of the questionnaire will open, where you need to enter information about them and upload their photos. The requirements for these images are the same, as with your photos.

Attention! The application can be submitted only in electronic form and only one. If you submit two, both will be canceled!. The confirmation code indicates the successful submission of the application - be sure to save it, otherwise you will not be able to find out about the results of the lottery

The confirmation code indicates the successful submission of the application - be sure to save it, otherwise you will not be able to find out about the results of the lottery.

You don't need to do anything else at this stage. Нужно только дождаться розыгрыша и проверять его результаты в специальном разделе сайта Госдепартамента США. To do this, enter the confirmation code in the special field, который вы получите после заполнения заявки на грин-карту.


check in

Anyone can do it, by going to a special site, after reading the initial information and going to the electronic form of the questionnaire:

This year, you can apply for the drawing 2021 of the year:

  • begining: 03.10.2018, in 12:00 (Eastern time)
  • ending: 07.11.2018.


The only officially voiced condition is civil loyalty and complete law-abidingness of the applicant. Man shouldn't, from the point of view of the US authorities, pose a threat to national security.

Behind the scenes, immigrants who meet the characteristics have the advantage:

  • workable (for women - childbearing) age;
  • high professional qualifications;
  • no health problems (so that there is no chance to be dependent on the state).

Older retirees find it hardest to get a positive decision.

After winning, there will be a need to spend on the following points:

Direction Amount ($) Note
Registration fee 330 Paid immediately before the interview at the consular section of the Embassy
Immigration Fee 165 After the visa is received
Certificate of no criminal record the amounts are different From every country where a person has lived for more than six months
Notarization of copies of marriage and birth certificates the amounts are different
Tetanus and rubella vaccination the amounts are different
X-rays of internal organs the amounts are different
Tests for the absence of sexually transmitted diseases the amounts are different
General medical examination the amounts are different
Apostille the amounts are different Official translation of all documents not in English

To register, you only need digital photos of the candidate and family members (spouse, children before 21 of the year).

In case of winning, the application is accepted for consideration. After that, a notification is sent to the applicant: date and time of the interview.

After that, you need to call back and clarify the list of required documents, but there is a basic package:

  • passport;
  • international passport;
  • application for permanent residence;
  • autobiography;
  • conclusion on the results of a medical examination;
  • reference:
    1. about vaccinations;
    2. no criminal record;
    3. conscription document (if there's);
  • evidence:
    1. about birth;
    2. o brake (about divorce);
    3. about the birth of children;
  • education document;
  • check for payment of consular fees.

How to avoid getting scammed

There are three basic rules, to avoid becoming a victim of intruders:

  1. There are no lottery officials.
  2. Registration is free.
  3. The results are absolutely objective, therefore, a promise to contribute in this matter is a sign of fraud
  4. No feedback. The organizers never contact the participant either by email, neither by phone.

However, you can use the help service filling out a questionnaire and registering an application

There are many such proposals, and here, too, you need to be careful.

Step 2: registration of an immigration visa

Is it worth counting on financial assistance in the USA?

Confirmation of funds

You can confirm the availability of finances using:

  • Bank statements;
  • Appraisals of movable and immovable property (it is not recommended to sell property before obtaining a visa);
  • Contracts with an employer in the USA.

Stages of obtaining an immigrant visa for a lottery participant

  • Obtaining instructions for uploading documents from the Kentucky Consular Center (Kentucky Consular Center, KCC) and download the required documents and translations online only (any paper correspondence, sent to KCC, destroyed);
  • Receiving notice of interview date;
  • Payment of application processing fee (330 USD);
  • Passing a medical examination;
  • Passing an interview (bring with you all originals and certified translations of documents if necessary);
  • Waiting for results (on the day of the interview or in some cases after additional administrative processing before 60 days);
  • Obtaining a passport with a visa and a sealed package of documents (intended for border guards in the USA, printing is prohibited);

List of documents

Translation of documents for an immigration visa

A certified translation into English is required:

  • All extracts from court decisions;
  • All documents are not in Russian.

The certified translation must be signed by the translator and contain a statement of his competence, as well as the correspondence of the translation to the original document. There are no special requirements for attaching a translator's certificate and subsequent notarization.

What to expect in a job interview?

Passing a medical examination

Vaccination for immigrants
Immigrant visa applicants are required to have a number of required vaccinations. It is necessary to vaccinate as early as possible, as the process may take an indefinite time depending on the individual situation and personal vaccination schedule. Statement of previous preventive vaccinations, certified by a doctor, and with the seal of a medical institution, you need to bring for a medical examination.

List of vaccines for immigrant visa

  • Hepatitis A;
  • Hepatitis B;
  • Flu;
  • Hemophilic fever type b (Hib);
  • Measles;
  • Meningococcal infection;
  • Piggy;
  • Pneumococcal vaccination;
  • Pertussis;
  • Polio;
  • Rotavirus vaccination;
  • Rubella;
  • Diphtheria and tetanus;
  • Chickenpox.

US visa photo

Reasons for refusing a visa

  • Insufficient funds for travel and accommodation in the United States;
  • An incomplete package of required documents is provided;
  • Providing forged documents to obtain a visa (lifetime travel ban);
  • Illegal stay in the United States (travel ban from 3 to 10 years old);
  • Criminal past, drug related, human trafficking, etc.. crimes (lifetime travel ban).


The US green card began to be issued to foreign citizens, those wishing to move to America for permanent residence, since the 40s of the XX century. She used to be green, then her color turned white, pink, but with 2010 года – вновь зеленым.

FROM 1990 года Государственный Департамент США проводит лотерею по выдаче грин-карт.

Throughout the years of the lottery, there are opponents of such a mechanism for obtaining a residence permit. However, this program has not been terminated for a single year.. There is no political motivation to ban the entry of immigrants under this program.. Америка – страна иммигрантов и благодаря лотерее вносится разнообразие в национальный состав.

What Green Card gives?

  • All, what ordinary American citizens use, with the exception of participation in elections and service in certain parts of the US military.
  • Live as long as you like anywhere in the United States.
  • Borrow cars, mortgage loans for real estate - on the same terms, as ordinary citizens.
  • Get an American driver's license.
  • Get a job in any job anywhere in the country.
  • Enter any university or send children to school on the same conditions, как и простые граждане.
  • Move around the world, travel as if the person had a US passport. But there is an exception here: in the first six months you cannot leave at all. And subsequently, it is categorically impossible to leave for a period of more than 1 year, but better - no more than 6 months, so as not to arouse suspicion of the US Immigration Service.
  • Receive benefits, sick leave, social insurance, medical benefits for age, etc..
  • Through 5 лет владелец Грин Карты может подавать заявление на получение паспорта гражданина США.

What you need to know

The owner of the green card is obliged:

  • Always carry this document with you!!!
  • Comply with all laws. You can't drive drunk, make noise at night, punish children, fight, etc. Любые нарушения закона – риск потерять ВНЖ в США.
  • Fill in an annual tax return and pay income tax. The tax laws in the States are very strict, and in case of systematic violations, the state has the right not to subsequently grant citizenship.
  • Periodically check in with the immigration office and report. They will tell you about it in the country, when will you get there. Be sure to report a change of residence, о выезде из страны даже на короткое время.
  • For men 18-26 years old – be sure to register for military service, so that you are registered and entered into the appropriate register.
  • Children, having green cards, should change them to new ones in 14 years old.
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