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What's wrong with Multilotto

I described the site, you can go to that, that not everything is smooth with this resource. Let's start off with, that once on the online lotto site 2020 and having chosen the desired language, get ready for that, that not all sections of the site will be translated. For example, we chose the Ukrainian language. Eventually, the first page of the site is translated, about games pages also with translation, but the "Privacy Policy" tab remains in English. This is suggestive, that the administration is not ready to disclose all the information. But you can always translate the page with the help of a translator..

SMARTGUIDE insists, which is better to use a translator, to explore the entire site. This is necessary in order, to keep yourself safe, if it's possible here.

If you translate the most important tab of this site, there are many interesting things here. After examining the information, you hardly want to buy a lotto ticket here. There may be a little crooked translation on the screenshots, as we used the page translator, but the essence does not change.

Multilotto immediately writes about, that does not bear any responsibility for force majeure situations. That is, something can happen during the game, what the organizers call force majeure and you will be left with nothing. Then, I want to ask a question: "Is it safe to play with this agent, if such ridiculous situations can arise here?».

Another interesting point: the game can be stopped at any time without warning the player. So so situation. You don't even need to guess, that the game can be stopped if you win. But this can only be verified personally, which we do not recommend at all.

Further, under item 11 we see, that Multilotto may refuse or cancel the "service", if it is illegally used. Service is a game or withdrawal of money. But, what do they mean by "illegal use", unclear.

Looking above, then in point number 5 you can see, that the administration can request additional information and documents from the player, which will confirm the identity and bank account confirmation. This is not the first time we have written about, that you do not need to give personal information and information about your bank account to third parties. You can regret it.

We gave this as an example of screenshots of that, what really outrages. But if you learn everything, what do they write there, then you will understand, that playing lotto with this agent is unsafe. Multilotto disclaims liability immediately and requires a lot of personal information in return.

What you need to know about Gosloto

No matter how many lotteries there are, there is a player for each. Gambling people try their luck all the time, they do not stop at one type of lottery and choose for themselves different ways to win the jackpot. One of the largest lotto in Russia - Gosloto, which is distributed under the Stoloto lottery brand, which we have already told you about.

Consider, how scammers cheat people under the guise of the name of the state lottery. But first, let's talk about this game..

Let's start off with, that Gosloto happens:

  • 4 of 20. This type of lotto assumes, that at least four numbers in the range from 1 to 20 in the first field and not less 4 numbers from 1 to 20 in the second field. Draws are held every day.
  • 5 of 36. The essence is the same, as in the first option, but the player needs to choose the minimum 5 numbers from 1 to 36 in the first field and not less 1 numbers from 1 to 4 in the second. Draws take place five times a day.
  • 6 of 45. You need to celebrate at least 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 45. Drawing – 2 once a day
  • 7 of 49. The last type of lottery, where the player should mark 7 numbers from 1 to 49. The lottery draw is running 6 once a day.

Let's take lotto as an example 6 of 45, which fake draw weekly lottery. According to the reviews of gamers, this is the best way to get rich.

As they write on the official website, Gosoloto offers players the biggest winnings in Russia. In May 2017 of the year, the lucky one from Sochi received a prize of 364 000 000 rubles. Not a little, true?

You can buy a ticket for such a lottery:

  • on the site
  • in the mobile application "Stoloto"
  • on the mobile version of the site
  • by SMS, by sending a message with the text 645 to the number 9999.
  • in offline points of your city

If you decide to purchase a ticket at offline points, it will look like this:

IN 6 playing fields have numbers from 1 to 45. The player must mark at least 6 repeating numbers in any field. You can fill in as many fields as you like, but at least one. When you have decided on the numbers on the back of the ticket, enter your phone number, so that if you win, you can be contacted.

By choosing an e-ticket, the essence of the game does not change. Choose at least 6 non-repeating numbers. One or more tickets can be filled. The advantage of an electronic ticket is that, that the player can use the buttons "randomly", "Even numbers" or "odd numbers". The automatic system will choose the numbers itself, which can be good or bad for you. When the numbers are selected - proceed to payment. Only after it do you become a contender for victory.

SMARTGUIDE notes, that tickets for GOSLOTO can be bought in a place convenient for the player, the essence of the game does not change from this.

Is it possible to increase the chances of winning?

Of course you can, write on the official lotto website. And all, what do you need for this, buy more tickets. Agree, it is quite logical. If a player wants to buy several coupons at once, you can use the "Multi-bet" option. Minus or plus options are, that tickets are selected automatically.

How is the drawing going and what can be won

Draws are carried out daily in 11:00 and c 23:00, after calculating the size of the prize pool. The drawing takes place in the "Stoloto" lottery center, and the winning combination itself is determined using a lottery drum and consists of 6 rooms. If you want to watch the live broadcast, you can go to the Stoloto Internet resource.

They write on the site, that according to article 18 Federal Law "On Lotteries", for the drawing of each draw, a special lottery commission is created, it is she who monitors each game and its result. If everything is so official, why doesn't Gosloto see, that scammers act on their behalf and do nothing? Worth pondering.

What can you win and where to find out your results

You can become lucky then, when your ticket matched 2,3,4,5,6 numbers with balls dropped from the lottery drum.

Winnings for 2, 3, 4 and 5 the numbers guessed are fixed. But if you guessed right 6 numbers, then you managed to win a super prize, which is cumulative. As the developers themselves write, if nobody guesses six digits in the current circulation, then the accumulated amount is transferred to the next circulation. By the way, minimum super prize - 10 000 000 rubles.

How to collect a prize and is there a tax?

If you became lucky and were able to win at Gosloto, let's say right away, that you can get a prize later 24 o'clock. Money can be credited to your card or bank account. It is also possible to get a prize at offline ticket sales points. By the way, citizens of the Russian Federation pay tax in the amount of 13%, residents of other countries – 30%. On the official lotto website, you can learn more about how to get a prize. We will not focus on this.

How Multilotto breeds people

Multilotto offers not only playing + lotto. The main task of the site – cheat people for money. Maybe it sounds rough, but this is evidenced by lotto reviews. But while we talk about something else. We will tell you about standard divorce schemes. But we are unlikely to surprise you with this.

  • Website technical support is not working, which means, that in case of any problems you cannot contact the resource staff.
  • Don't pay out winnings, whatever it is;
  • Block player accounts then, when it suits them;
  • Charge fees for obscure services;
  • Write positive reviews about their resource;
  • Subscribe players to newsletters and VIP offers without their consent.

Unfortunately, everything is so predictable and standard, what sometimes it seems, that no one will lead to this. But, as practice shows, there are those, who believe in their luck and bright website banners.

If you go to the official lottery sites, then you will see, that the company does not place such bright advertising slogans on their websites. It looks cheap. And in general, American and European lotteries do not distribute their tickets on the Internet and do not particularly cooperate with intermediary agents.

How to play European lotteries for Russian citizens?

In addition to being able to purchase a coupon for all the most popular European lotteries, there is also an opportunity to take part in other equally famous raffles, including USA. To do this, it is enough to do only 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to the official portal and register.
  2. Choose a suitable draw, number of tickets and combinations in them.
  3. Top up your account and make a purchase.

Video instruction:

After a while, scanned copies of actually purchased tickets will appear in your personal account. Now all that remains is to wait for the draw, check the result, and get your winnings if the outcome is successful.

If the winnings exceed 10 thousand euros, then it can be received into a bank account, plastic card or other well-known payment systems, including Webmoney, Yandex.Money, etc.. If possible, then you can personally go to the country, where the draw was held and get your ticket, and then the winnings on it.

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