El gordo de navidad

El gordo de navidad 2019 - spanish christmas lottery

How to Play

Tickets for El Gordo de Navidad are unlike those in other world lotteries. Instead of buying a single ticket, Navidad tickets are sold as either a full ticket, known as a ‘billete’, or a tenth of a ticket known as a ‘decimo’. Rather like a raffle, players buy pre-printed billetes, and each number can be sold as many as 180 times in what is known as a ‘series’, meaning there will be multiple billetes displaying the same number.

Prize Breakdown

The prize tiers below are per billete:

First Prize «El Gordo» 1 €4,000,000
Second Prize 1 €1,250,000
Third Prize 1 €500,000
Fourth Prize 2 €200,000
Fifth Prize 8 €60,000

*The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the winning combinations drawn by the number of billetes in the series. For example, there would be 180 x €4,000,000 «El Gordo» prizes if the number of billetes in the series was 180.

†As the prize amount is per billete, the prize value is divided by the number of players participating on a billette. For example, if 10 players each had a ‘decimo’, they would receive 1/10 of the billet prize amount.

The table above shows the top 5 prize tiers but the ‘pedrea’, or ‘shower of prizes’, includes hundreds of further prizes drawn throughout the day.

El Gordo de Navidad draws frequently include a ‘variation’ which gives players additional prizes for matching the variation chosen. For example, the variation for the 2012 draw entitled the holder of any ticket number ending in 8 to claim a prize.

Rules and Regulations

The El Gordo rules are straightforward and easy to understand, even if you have never played the game before. These rules and regulations for the El Gordo were established by the State Lotteries Company (SELAE) to ensure that the game is fair and that players know what to expect when they participate. The main El Gordo rules are as follows:

  • Players must be 18 or older to buy El Gordo tickets.
  • All El Gordo prizes worth more than €2,500 are subject to a tax of 20%.
  • This yearly draw takes place in Madrid and is organised by the Spanish Government.
  • Players must claim their El Gordo prizes as soon as possible as prizes will expire in 90 days if no winner comes forward. If you think you are an El Gordo winner, it is worth contacting lottery officials and claiming your prize as soon as possible.
  • 70% of the money raised through El Gordo ticket sales is allocated to funding prizes.

Playing Online

You can grab tickets in minutes when you play El Gordo online, giving yourself a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning the El Gordo 1st prize. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Spanish resident or live overseas, just follow these simple online steps to buy one or more shares on each for each five-digit number:

  • Click here from your mobile or desktop device
  • Choose how many shares you would to buy by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. You can see the number of shares available for each scan, so know how many there are
  • If you don’t like the numbers you are offered then you can generate different pre-printed numbers by tapping the blue ‘Shuffle’ button
  • View the total price of your purchase in the box below, double checking it is all correct
  • Confirm your purchase by pressing the orange ‘PLAY’ button
  • If you already have an online account with TheLotter.com, simply press ‘Click here to login’ where you will be prompted to enter your email or username and password. You can alternatively sign in with Facebook. If you don’t already have an online account, you can quickly set one up for free by entering your email and password.
  • You will then be able to deposit and pay for your purchase to enter the El Gordo de Navidad draw.
  • A scanned copy of your entry will then be directly emailed straight to you with full confirmation of your entry.
  • All you have to do then is simply wait for the draw to take place on 22nd December.
  • If your ticket is drawn and you become a winner, you will receive an email from TheLotter.com instructing you with the next steps.

El Gordo de Navidad – билеты

Основа розыгрыша – билеты с номерами от 00000 до 99999 (всего 100 000 шт.). Так как игра стала очень популярной, то количество желающих принять участие превышает количество билетов. Поэтому организаторы вынуждены выпускать каждый билет несколько раз под разными сериями.

Стоимость билета – 200 евро. Не мало, но у игроков есть возможность покупать не целый билет, а десятину (десятую часть) за 20 евро. Итого каждый билет содержит 10 десятин. Также можно приобретать билеты вскладчину. Если билет оказывается выигрышным, то владелец десятины получит только 10% от выигрыша.

Есть возможность купить ещё меньшую часть, чем десятина. Часто предприятия покупают определенное количество билетов и обеспечивают такими мини-вкладами всех сотрудников.

Большинство испанцев в течение всего года вообще не участвуют ни в каких лотереях, но на рождество обязательно покупают себе часть билета, обмениваются билетиками с родными и друзьями и т.д. Navidad – это больше традиция, чем желание обогатиться.

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